2022 Endorsements

➡️ Nampa City Councilman:

"Brian Lenney has been a long-time patient of my office and a friend who is honest, loyal, and devoted to his Christian faith. Brian is an amazing husband and father of four, and is someone who many of my south Nampa friends and family know and trust. As someone who lives in District 13, we need a liberty-minded, small government advocate in our state Senate. I have been extremely disappointed in our state Senate and specifically Jeff Agenbroad. We don't need elected officials who constantly vote to expand government programs and who vote to impose restrictions on businesses and individual freedoms. On Nampa city council, I have constantly voted against any business lockdowns, mandates, and have been constant and voting against any higher taxes and government growth. The truth is you can't differentiate Jeff's votes with liberal Senate Democrats. I'm also concerned when politicians have thousands of campaign dollars from large special interest groups, associations, and pharmaceutical companies. I know Brian Lenney will vote to put the power back into the hands of the people and not into the hands of the government and its special interest groups."

Dr. Jacob Bower
Nampa City Councilman Seat 6

➡️ Nampa School Board Vice Chair:

“I know Brian personally and after the many interactions and conversations we've had, I'm convinced he'll fight to keep power in the people's hands. He's a strong believer in Freedom, Liberty, and limited government – exactly who we need in the State House.”

Tracey Pearson
Vice Chair Board of Trustees
Nampa School District

➡️ Idaho State Representative:

“Brian is not afraid of pressure by career politicians and will not bow to special interests. He will bring much-needed enthusiasm and Liberty principles to the Idaho Senate and will truly represent the citizens.”

Representative Heather Scott
House District 1A

State Freedom Caucus Network

Citizens Alliance of Idaho PAC

Make Liberty Win PAC

Conservatives of Idaho PAC

Stop Idaho RINOS PAC

Gem State Patriot

Idaho Freedom PAC