"Why do you need money?"

To be clear, I don't keep or use any of it for personal use. Campaign contributions are used to get my message in front of as many people in Idaho's 13th district (Nampa) as possible. This includes things like brochures, signs, rentals, and other advertisements.

ANY amount helps (even $20)...

If you like what I stand for and want someone in Nampa who will FIGHT against the establishment hacks who are tearing our state apart... consider helping me with a contribution.

How to Contribute:

Contribute online here

If you'd like, you can scan the QR code below to take you to the donation page:

Or, if you choose to contribute by mail, please include your name and address. If name and address are not included for certain amounts, funds must be turned over to the State of Idaho.

Please mail checks (payable to Brian Lenney) to:

Brian Lenney

PO Box 3753

Nampa, ID 83653

Please include your name, address, and phone number.

Thank you IN ADVANCE!