The Fight

Dear Fellow Idahoan,

Do you believe Idaho's problems from the past few years have been fixed?

Do you think we're on the brink of watching Idaho be sold to the highest bidder as we move closer and closer toward a big government takeover?

If you're concerned about these possibilities, you're not alone.

And if you think Idaho is free...

You’re not paying attention.

Because even with overwhelming Republican leadership… we’re on a dangerous trajectory (we’re a red state but we’re not conservative).

Here’s what I mean: most Republicans in our state legislature are more interested in conserving the status quo instead of fighting for the rights of Idahoans or advancing conservative principles.

They’re loyal to the state – not the people.

So after closely watching the dismal performance of our elected officials in 2020 and 2021, I decided that District 13 in Nampa needs an ACTUAL America-first, liberty-minded, small-government advocate in the capitol…

This is a bottom-up fight for our state…

That’s where the power comes from.

And there’s still a shot to change things.

But that window is quickly closing and the way we spend the next few years will be crucial to the survival of our state.

So as a husband and a father to four kids in Nampa, I can’t stand by and watch our state legislature send Idaho down this dangerous path any longer. I can’t sit by and watch legislators be “wined and dined” by lobbyists.

And I won’t let one of the greatest states in America go down the path that California did – at least not without a fight… I just can’t.

To be honest – I don’t “want to” run… I feel COMPELLED to.

That's why...

Because most Idahoans are conservative-minded folks, but the people RUNNING Idaho… aren’t.

So I'm grateful for your support as the state senator for District 13.

Stay frosty,