The Fight


Senator Brian Lenney

A Few Miles West of Boise

Tuesday, 7:49 AM

Dear Friend,

        That California drawing there...

    A Canyon County Precinct Committeeman held that up while passionately speaking against the “Idaho Launch” bill in one of my committees earlier this year. 

He was talking about Idaho going the way of California if the bill passed. And sadly... it did.

     This is largely due to liberal Republicans in the Idaho statehouse who are more focused on winning the Governor's favor, scoring freebies from lobbyists, or getting head-pats from bureaucrats than they are on upholding conservative principles.

So, imagine, for a moment...

An Idaho infiltrated by ideologies that strangle our freedoms and undermine our values. Picture you, your kids, and your grandkids growing up in "Blue Idaho." 

Where your individual liberties aren't just challenged but choked out.

    Where ranked-choice voting, legalized drugs, and "open" primaries snuff out the Idaho you know and love....

Where your personal health decisions (no, I’m NOT talking about abortion) are dictated by faceless bureaucrats, stripping you of the right to control what you inject into your own body or put on your face...

Terrifying, isn't it?

No need to imagine though... it's happening right now

Even more horrifying is the realization that those leading us down this dark path wear the masks of conservative Republicans. A recent study just released by CPAC revealed as much saying:

“Among the 10 least-conservative states — when it comes to how Republican lawmakers actually vote — were Mississippi, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Idaho... Republicans run on conservative promises, but after they win more of them abandon the tough votes on key conservative policies when compared to Democrats whose first rule is to stick together... Our analysis shows how moderate Republicans broke apart on key issues like parental choice in education, securing strong voter ID, or putting a stop to COVID mandates.”

I see wolves in sheep's clothing, pouring resources into campaigns that aim to unseat those of us who truly stand for Idaho's values. 

My name by the way, is Brian Lenney. I’ve lived in Nampa, Idaho for over 13 years after fleeing the West Coast hellscape called... you guessed it... California (the REAL C-word).

In case you’re not familiar with my story, I decided to run for Idaho State Senate in 2021. 

Because after seeing the despicable way our government handled the “pandemic,” I vowed to go to the statehouse and fight for our health freedom, educational freedom, and financial freedom

And wouldn’t you know it, I won, taking out an incumbent who voted more like a California liberal than a true Idaho conservative. I should know more than most what a “California liberal” looks like, right?

That was in 2022. 

Fast forward to today, and unlike my predecessor who, I hate to say, was an active obstacle against these very ideals...

I've kept my word...

>> I wrote (and passed) legislation to keep Child Protective Services from investigating your family or taking away your parental rights based on your child’s vaccination status...

>> I championed education freedom, fought against the woke mob running our school system, and helped secure better funding avenues for charter schools...

>> I helped get the property tax bill over the line, and I fought like hell against irresponsible spending, rejecting the seductive but toxic allure of federal dollars...

The crazy thing is - on every single one of those issues, my predecessor didn't just drop the ball... he kicked it into the enemy's court, and actively worked against everything I've fought so hard to protect.

So... why am I telling you this?

Simple - with the 2024 election coming up, the battle lines are clearly drawn. On one side are those of us who love liberty, believe in God, family, and traditional conservative values.

I’m an active member of the Idaho Freedom Caucus, received the "Award for Conservative Excellence" from CPAC, the "Champion of Limited Government" Award from the ILA, and I even got an A+ rating from the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

And on the other are not just liberal ideologues but camouflaged conservatives who are eager to surrender our state to federal mandates, bureaucratic overreach, and socialist doctrines.

So, with regard to the 2024 race...

    I am running for re-election. And from what I hear, I'll likely be staring down yet another well-funded, left-leaning "Republican" challenger in the upcoming election. I'm gearing up for a fight, not for my seat, but for the very soul of Idaho.

But I can't do it alone. If you value your health freedom, your right to choose how your children are educated, and want to keep more of your own money, then I need you in this fight with me. 

Because your support right now could be the game changer between keeping Idaho free and letting it get bogged down by creeping socialism and bureaucratic control. 

Sure, I represent Nampa, but I'm in the statehouse fighting for issues that affect all Idahoans, not just my district. Now there’s only one question for you: are you ready to safeguard your family's future in Idaho?

Your contribution today is a shield against the encroachment on freedoms we hold dear.

A contribution of $2,000 (max per individual), $1,000, or even $500 isn't just financial support... it's a battle cry and a declaration that you won't let Idaho fall into chaos.

So if you'd like to keep me in the Senate FIGHTING for everything you love, please contribute now to be a part of this crucial fight. 

Your involvement today writes the history of tomorrow. Let's ensure it's one we're proud to tell.

With profound gratitude and urgency,

Brian S. Lenney

        “Nampa’s No-Nonsense Senator”

P.S. I need you to act now, not just for me... but for the Idaho we love and want to preserve for our children and their children. Stand with me. Stand for our kids and families. Stand for Idaho. Stand for freedom.

P.P.S. If you want to talk, you can call me at (208) 614-1289, or email me to set up a time to chat at:

P.P.P.S. Fun fact - I wrote this letter myself. I don’t spend money on consultants or fancy campaign managers. But I do need help to pay for postage, mailers, door flyers, and things like that. I have a BIG fight coming!

P.P.P.P.S Here's the Idaho GOP platform I stand by, in addition, I'll support and fight for ANY and ALL legislation that...